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Communications TrailerTrailer at Harbor

This Alcona County Emergency Communications Unit (trailer) was a joint project between the Alcona County Amateur Radio Group and the Alcona County Office of Emergency Management. Supporters of this project were the Alcona County Board of Commissioners, the Alcona County Sheriff, Michigan State Police, Firefighter’s Association, Road Commission, L.E.P.C., EMS, 911 Dispatch, DNR, US Forest Service, US Coast Guard, US Coast Guard Auxiliary, American Red Cross, National Weather Service, and other governmental organizations. This partnership, along with area businesses and others with an interest in public safety and amateur radio, donated funds, time, materials and labor to make this project a reality. While the trailer, basic radio equipment and antennas have been completed, this project is one of continuing updates and modifications. If you are interested in helping us maintain our capability, contact Stan, W8SZ, for information.


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What We Do


Organized in 1997, primarily to meet emergency communications needs of Alcona County and immediate surrounding areas. Since its inception, it has grown from 12 members to more than 50 active amateurs – mostly new licensees. the group now includes all aspects of emergency and community communication services including ARES, RACES, and the National Weather Service (NWS) Skywarn Spotters. All of our operating expenses are covered by community donations or various county agencies.

We support many projects, events and emergency communications call-ups. Our recent involvements include:
  • Backup Communications for the County (inoperative systems due to power outages)
  • National Weather Service Skywarn Spotter Network
  • Special Population Notification (Emergency Event notification for Adult & Nursing Homes, Parks, Schools, etc.)
  • Alcona County Fair Communications and Special Event Station
  • Amateur Radio/Electronics Classes with testing for Alcona County School students
  • Search & Rescue Assistance
  • Coast Guard, Auxiliary Coast Guard, Sheriff’s Office Marine Division Assistance
  • Alcona County Wide Cleanup Days
  • Various Festivals with Special Event Stations
Our major project was the Emergency Communications and Command Unit a 19 foot fully insulated, heated & A/C, tandem axle trailer complete with generators, 13.8v DC, exterior awning, 5 operating positions (all modes including public service bands with computer systems for packet, etc.) and a separate conference/command room. Click to view photos of the completed project.

The project was initiated in the spring of 1999 with Phase I (Trailer & Related Basic Equipment) completed in August of 2000. Phase II (Communications Equipment, Electrical Hardware and Interior Furnishings) has begun by a group of volunteers under the direction of a Project Manager with partial activation of the trailer in June 2001. The trailer has been used at various events and functional tests (Harrisville Sunrise Side Festival, County Fair, Lighthouse Days, FEMA Simulated Emergency Test, etc.) since its partial activation.

An important aspect of a small community like ours is cooperation in getting the job done. We all wear many hats from volunteer fire fighters to the American Red Cross and understand the importance of teamwork. We know our customers and their needs and they know Amateur Radio and our capabilities.

When visiting the “Sunrise Side” be certain to check into our nets. Use our open repeaters — (147.040 MHz, up 600 KHz), or Packet nodes 145.090MHz and 145.760 MHz or stop by and join us at one of our events.

The Alcona County Amateur Radio Group extends its appreciation to the Hubbard Lake South Shore Ladies Group who underwrote the cost of text books and FCC exams for the Alcona School students enrolled in the last Technician level course.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) about the Amateur Radio Emergency Service


Welcome to the Alcona County Amateur Radio Group Website. Please check our activities page for current events and testing schedule.

Communication TrailerPublic Service http://ares-mi.org/

QRZ National Weather Service
ARRL Coop Weather Station Skywarn NOAA 


147.040 MHz +600 KHz Offset
PL 123.0 (if required)
Repeater and Phone Patch Information

911 Instructions
Key up and dial 911. Dialing sends you directly to a dispatcher and NOT through the 911 system.
Remember to bring down the Patch with #1.